You may be tempted to see if you can get away without emissions testing, just this once, but that’s not your best idea. Emissions tests are important for your car to be street-legal and for you to do your part to promote environmental sustainability.

Emissions Tests are Mandatory

In Bernalillo and other New Mexico counties, emissions tests are required every two years. Without a passed inspection, you cannot renew your vehicle registration. Without up-to-date license tags, you must drive in fear of being pulled over and facing fines for non-compliance as well as the fees you may have been trying to skirt in the first place.

If you want to drive in New Mexico, there’s just no way around it—you need emissions testing to stay legal.

Emissions Test Protect the Air

The whole point of emissions tests is to minimize the amount of carbon emissions released into the air. Carbon emissions are the gases responsible for global warming, and since climactic change affects everyone, every driver shares responsibility in minimizing the environmental impact of their driving habits.

Emissions Tests are Inexpensive and Convenient

Emissions tests cost less than $20 at most testing stations, and they take less than 15 minutes to complete. Many testing facilities allow you to check ahead for wait times, too. If you need help finding a reputable emissions testing station in the East Mountains, contact us.